Women €™s Health: Essential Curriculum in Emergency Medicine

Women €™s health is an important component of the practice of emergency medicine (EM). The Model of the Clinical Practice of EM recognizes important components of women €™s health, including obstetrics and gynecology (13.0), patterns of violence/abuse/neglect (14.6), breast cancer (16.8.1), trauma in pregnancy (18.2), and procedures (19.4.8).1

The authors of €œDefining a Novel Emergency Medi- cine Subspecialty: Sex, Gender, and Women €™s Health € in this issue suggest that women €™s health be consid- ered as a recognized subspecialty of EM.2 This raises an important philosophical question regarding the value of subspecialty certification compared to a recog- nized component of the practice of EM.

Women health

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