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BMJ 2016;353:i2763
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Mastocytoma with systemic symptoms

Gorav Neel Wali, Clare Robertson, Tess McPherson

A 6 month old boy presented with flushing episodes associated with facial swelling and agitation. A 3 cm × 1 cm tanned erythematous lesion on his right leg, present since birth, became inflamed and fluid filled during these episodes. The lesion urticated on rubbing. A clinical diagnosis of mastocytoma was made. This cutaneous mast cell lesion causes local itching and blistering and occasionally presents with systemic symptoms caused by release of mast cell mediators. Triggers include localised irritation. Mastocytosis describes a heterogeneous group of disorders characterised by abnormal mast cell accumulation in one or more tissues (estimated prevalence one case per 10 000). Mastocytomas are benign and typically resolve during childhood. Referral to dermatology is recommended for diagnosis.

Fig 1
Fig 1

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